Kenbo Project;Glenn Kowta Committee Member, Tim Yoshinaga Committee Member, James Lee Treasurer, Rei Umekubo Secretary, Riki Umekubo President, Mari Umekubo Web and Graphic Designer
Connecting people throughout the world by helping those in need of financial assistance with their education

The Kenbo Project was created in honor of our brother Ken Umekubo who passed away on May 18th, 2002. As he grew up, Ken was called “Kenbo” by our parents and that nickname stuck with him.  In high school, he became the president of the Key Club, a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club.  Ken and the Key Club organized special "projects" that served our local community every week of the school year and into the summer. The projects ranged from helping the under-privileged members of the community by assisting senior citizens and the disabled, volunteering with kids programs, to simply cleaning up litter along the roads of town. 

Ken led the Key Club in at least two hundred projects serving the community. This commitment to service continued into adulthood. He established a program where he and his colleagues would volunteer in grade schools to talk to kids about their futures.  The main goal of the program was to motivate kids, discourage drug abuse and to inspire them to further their education. He would always say, " If I can do it, you can do it!" 

After graduating from the University of Southern California, he became a Lieutenant in the United States Navy and flew F-14's. He was awarded the Air Medal for meritorious achievement while flying in a combat environment and was also recognized for his outstanding community service by the Commander of Fighter Wing Pacific for presentations he delivered at several local high schools.

Ken also loved to travel. He has been to so many places throughout the world and it made him very happy to lend a helping hand to people wherever he went. To honor Ken's legacy and commitment to helping others, we established the non-profit organization called the Kenbo Project to further his work in helping others in need here and abroad and to reach out to as many people as Ken would have. We know if Ken were alive today he would continue to do great and inspiring things. He always thought of others before himself.

For more information regarding Ken please visit the virtual memorial site created by his good friend Manish Kapur.

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