Kenbo Project;Glenn Kowta Committee Member, Tim Yoshinaga Committee Member, James Lee Treasurer, Rei Umekubo Secretary, Riki Umekubo President, Mari Umekubo Web and Graphic Designer
Connecting people throughout the world by helping those in need of financial assistance with their education

Ken Umekubo Memorial Scholarship


The campaign for the University of Southern California launched in September of 2011 to secure $6 billion in private support to dramatically expand the university's impact and visibility worldwide. At the time of its announcement, the campaign's $6 billion goal was the most ambitious in USC's history, and the largest goal in the history of higher education. Achieving the campaign's ambitious and worthy goal requires unprecedented support from donors throughout the Trojan Family.

The USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association (APAA) has a crucial role to play in support of the Campaign for the University of Southern California. With your help, we will raise vital funds to increase the Ken Umekubo Memorial Scholarship Award - a core campaign initiative, and support various APAA alumni programs.

The USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association supports the overall advancement of the University of Southern California by building a culture of philanthropy and serving as the representative voice for the Asian Pacific Trojan Family by providing scholarships for existing student and developing revelant programs for all alumni. The value and importance of the APAA is 19 percent of all current USC students are of Asian Pacific origin - and that almost 78 percent of all USC's international students hail from Asian Pacific countries. Over the years, the APAA has awarded more than $1 million in scholarships to almost 500 students across all majors who demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to the Asian Pacific community.

Please, visit APAA's site for more information and join us in furthering this mission! Thank you!

Rei Umekubo Widney Alumni House Award photo by Mari Umekubo

We would like to congratulate our Secretary, Rei Umekubo for receiving the Widney Alumni House Award at USC's Alumni Volunteer Recognition Dinner held on September 14, 2017. Rei was awarded this honor for his outstanding contributions to the Asian Pacific Alumni Association for his fundraising work chairing golf tournaments, the annual gala and capital campaigns, which help raise raise funds for named scholarships at USC. Through these events the funds raised will match three times the amount of the named scholarships! Congratulations again Rei and thank you for all your time and energy!

Pictured from left to right: Patrick Auerbach, USC Associate Senior Vice President of Alumni Relations, Rei Umekubo, and Jaime Lee, President of USC Alumni Association Board of Governors
Photo near right: Rei and his lovely family Photo on far right: Rei with family and friends
Joel,Teni,John,Chiara,Luca,Rei,Kelly,Russell,Donna,Yoshi photo by Mari Umekubo
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