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International Scholarship Project

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Currently we have a project in Nepal providing college scholarships. The children in Nepal are in dire need of a good education. Many children do not even have the opportunity to go to school due to financial problems or problems within the home. Most children that do go to school attend government run schools and complete only up to Grade 10 (high school). $250 – $1,000/per year covers all costs – tuition, books, exam fees and uniform – of one student in college depending upon which college the student attends. We would like to focus on these kids that have completed high school but do not have the financial means to continue onto college (Grades 11 & 12).

We thank you for being a part of this endeavor!


Update from Riki — November 20, 2018

We are excited to announce that Basanti Pahari is our first former +2 college scholarship recipient that has chosen to continue on to the university bachelor level! She completed her +2 college courses this past summer and we are happy to continue sponsoring her this fall at the bachelor level.  

Ms. Pahari will be pursuing a degree in Economics and Accounting. We wish her the best of luck! 


Update from Riki — September 10, 2018

nepal scholars

While on a business trip in Asia, James Lee, our KP Treasurer, took time out of his busy schedule to fly into Nepal for a couple of days to visit the campus of Kitini College and to meet with the students. From his hotel, the hour long drive took him through the maze of traffic filled streets of Kathmandu to the outskirts of town in the beautiful, peaceful and serene area of Godawari, where the campus is located. There we met with the principal of the college, as well as school administrators and most importantly some of our scholarship recipients. James was delighted to finally get to meet the students that he is helping sponsor far across the globe and to get to know their personal stories. We also discussed with the principal of possibly expanding our scholarship program into the bachelor levels. The tour of the school ended with grade school children (they share the same campus with the college students) taking over the campus to sing Nepal's national anthem. James' video of them singing is posted below.  

Pictured above left to right: James, Susmita Ghimire, Karina Thapa Magar, Nima Lama, Principal Saroj KC


After visiting the school, James had barely enough time to do a little sightseeing before leaving Nepal the next morning. Here are some photos of his visit...

James with Monks and  momos
James Lee plays the ukulele in Nepal
James in Kathmandu Nepal

Update from Riki — August 24, 2018

nepal scholars

Congratulations to Sushmita Ghimire, Nima Lama and Karina Thapa Magar! They are our new batch of scholarship recipients for Grade 11 at Kitini College. Nima Lama and Karina Thapa Magar will be studying business management & humanities and Sushmita Ghimire will be studying science. Miss Ghimire is our first science major that we are sponsoring so we are excited to see more students taking an interest in the sciences.  

We are also continuing our sponsorship of Sima Chaulagain, Uma Dahal and Pabitra Pariyar who are now in Grade 12 as well as Annanta Giri who is in his final year of completing his bachelor's degree. We wish all the students the best of luck for the 2018-19 school year!

Pictured left to right: Saroj KC, Principal of Kitini College, Nima Lama, Sushmita Ghimire, Karina Thapa Magar


Update from Riki — August 3, 2017

nepal scholars

Congratulations to Seema Chaulagain, Usha Dahal and Pabitra Pariyar! They are our 2017 scholarship recipients. This will be the start of their first year at Kitini College and all will be studying business management. 

Shown standing from left to right: Seema Chaulagain, Usha Dahal and Pabitra Pariyar


Update from Riki — August 22, 2016

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Here are a few letters for our Kenbo Project donors from last year's first batch of scholarship recipients, Reena Nargakoti, Subhadra Bisanke and Asmita Thapa. All three students completed Grade 11 having done very well in their marks and are now starting Grade 12. We are extending their scholarships for their 12th grade year. They wish to convey their deepest thanks to all of you!

Pictured from left to right: Subhadra Bisanke and Reena Nargakoti; Missing from photo Asmita Thapa; Please click on letters to view enlarged versions

scholarship recipient thank you letter
scholarship recient thank you letter
scholarship reciepient thank you letter

Update from Riki — August 2016

Nepal Earthquake 2015

With the new school year starting we are continuing our scholarship program with a new batch of students. We realize that girls are the most in need of an education because boys are typically given priority within the family towards an education. Girls are sometimes left behind when parents, due to financial hardships choose only their sons for further opportunities. We will still consider any student in financial need, but would like to give priority to these girls. Congratulations to our new incoming Grade 11 scholarship recipients! They are Sumita Pariyar, Basanti Pahari and Suba Laxmi Singtan. They will all be starting their first year at Kitini College studying business management. Good luck to them all!

Photo from left to right: Sumita Pariyar, Basanti Pahari, Suba Laxmi Singtan


Update from Riki — May 8, 2016

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Congratulations to Kenbo Project scholarship recipient Annanta Giri! Annanta is in his first year studying bachelor level in business management at Kitini College. He has achieved 1st Division marks in both SLC and 10+2 and is looking forward to continuing his success in the bachelor level. We wish him the very best in all of his endeavors!

Pictured here is Annanta Giri.



Update from Riki — December 14, 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015

We are happy to congratulate our first batch of scholarship recipients! They are Subhadra Bisanke, Reena Nargakoti and Asmita Thapa. All are currently in Grade 11 attending Kitini College and studying business management. Thanks to our Kenbo Project donors these students have their full tuition paid for. We wish them continued success and good marks!

Shown standing from left: Achyut KC, Subhadra Bisanke, Reena Nargakoti, Asmita Thapa, and Saroj KC, Vice-Principal Kitini College.


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